DC Police Telling Officers Over 64 To Retire or Be Fired

WASHINGTON, DC &#8211 About 20 D.C. police officers who are already older than 64 or who will turn 64 this year have received notice they must retire or they could possibly be fired, WNEW has confirmed.

Fraternal Order of Police lawyers are investigating whether officers can be forced into retirement in this manner. FOP chairman-elect Delroy Burton does not believe the department has the authority to do so.

“There is no requirement that they retire,” Burton said. “It is discretionary.”

The veteran officers received the notice without warning.

“For the police department to treat them this way, I think it’s an insult,” Burton said. “I think this is despicable.”

The police force members who received the notice are still fit for duty and model officers, according to the union.

“All of these guy are healthy, they come to work on time everyday, and they’re actually on the street doing police work,” said Burton.

D.C. Police have not responded to a request for comment.


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