New NYPD Commissioner Refuses To Retract Criticism Of Prior Commissioner

NEW YORK, NY &#8211 NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton on Wednesday refused to back off his harsh criticism of ex-top cop Ray Kelly – and blamed the media for stirring up a “tempest in a teapot” after he blasted his predecessor on a talk show. “I stand by it,” Bratton, 66, said during a news conference […]

Firefighters Call Tattoo Policy ‘Old Fashioned’

IOWA &#8211 To some who work under them, rules for firefighters and police are behind the times. Davenport firefighter Mike Rose has a partial “sleeve,” which is a tattoo that covers part of his arm. He got the ink about six years ago when he joined the Army. In the military, he said, tattoos are […]

San Jose PD Only Able To Fill Half Of Academy Slots

SAN JOSE, CA &#8211 Adding to the drumbeat of dwindling officer numbers at the San Jose Police Department was the news Wednesday that the next police academy will be among the smallest in decades, underlining concerns about the agency’s ability to attract new cops amid a heated political battle over pay and pension reform. According […]

New Orleans Firefighter’s Union Looking To Collect On $17.5 Million Ruling

NEW ORLEANS – A recent ruling by the Louisiana Supreme Court demands the City of New Orleans pay the fire department’s retirement and relief fund $17.5 million. Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s administration stopped paying into the fund in 2012 alleging neglect by the firefighter’s pension board. “In these tough times, it is particularly offensive that the […]

First Thursday, April 2014

Featured in this month’s podcast: Does state’s flex time system violate the FLSA? Is county required to pay corrections officers overtime for meal periods? LAFD dispatchers, aeromedical technicians not firefighters for FLSA purposes Supreme Court to rule on Amazon workers FLSA Can employer force employee to use FMLA leave at the same time employee is […]