First Thursday, April 2014

Featured in this month’s podcast:

  • Does state’s flex time system violate the FLSA?
  • Is county required to pay corrections officers overtime for meal periods?
  • LAFD dispatchers, aeromedical technicians not firefighters for FLSA purposes
  • Supreme Court to rule on Amazon workers FLSA
  • Can employer force employee to use FMLA leave at the same time employee is using sick leave?
  • Threat of a seizure enough to disqualify recruit
  • Discipline not negotiable for Denver firefighters
  • California bill of rights claims can be arbitrated
  • Retirees not ‘members’ for purposes of grievance procedure

[jwplayer file=”2014_04.m4a?Expires=1585782463&Signature=Pefa~2JKbfgFadS7ccvA-0RJlzfWxXfF4CXSjeknYRulEtvWMurmOIZhW0haEupJU0sAKJvYOsIcpU-CvWm6GqM29ZnWxO-5GS-ekIGM4GvDR7fNACQIjwLPai0kos0tpcwQtJLouKxPsUKPAS6FngrCX50T2wMlS~UNrEuu4N8_&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJIHMHD36AUGYELAQ” streamer=”rtmp://” provider=”rtmp” image=””]

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