Albuquerque PD Quickly Removes Recruitment Facebook Post

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. &#8211 Albuquerque’s troubled police department has already had a hard time recruiting new officers.

Most recently the department’s recruitment unit posted a unique job description on its Facebook page.

“You work all hours of the day and night, and on your wedding anniversary, and on Christmas,” it reads. “People curse you, you can’t curse back. People hate you, you can’t hate back … if you stop for five minutes for lunch, and you’re goofing off.”

This is how Albuquerque police were trying to attract potential officers, until the post vanished from the Facebook page Tuesday after the department was unable to be reached for comment.

The damage may have already been done, though — it was up for more than four weeks and shared more than 600 times. The post said it was copied from the Fraternal Order of Police. A modified version of the same post can be found on the websites of two FOP chapters.

The statements were part of a longer post that could be found by going to the official Albuquerque police website, clicking on “Join the Albuquerque Police Department” and going to the Facebook link.

The post was front and center, also reading: “You have to solve major crimes in a day, or you’re not doing your job … Pay isn’t great. Hours are ridiculous. You probably won’t get a summer vacation until you’re on the job for 20 years.”

The post was dated March 31, two weeks before the U.S. Department of Justice issued findings of its investigation into APD. The feds mention in their report that it’s imperative the department continued to build on reforms and improve training, recruitment and internal review mechanisms.

“We’re going to hit the streets, do grass roots and have a multi-faceted approach to recruiting quality individuals,” said Kevin Rowe, APD’s commander in charge of recruitment.


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