Houston Firefighter Accused Of Threatening To Shoot His Co-Workers

HOUSTON, TX &#8211 Houston firefighter Scott Niles, 36, was in magistrate court Tuesday accused of the unthinkable: threatening to kill the very firefighters he works with every day.

Prosecutors have charged Niles with making a terroristic threat after two fellow firefighters claimed Niles said two weeks ago he was going to “shoot everyone” at Station 64, which is just outside Bush Airport on Greens Road.

In documents obtained by Local 2, the firefighters say Niles threatened to “start shooting people,” and was trying to figure out “who he was going to take out first.”

They also say it was clear that Niles’ statement was “a threat of harm not only to himself but to everyone at the station.”

In addition, the documents also say inside the trunk of Niles’ vehicle parked at the station were several high-tech looking guns — one firefighter claiming he had seen an AR15, a few rifles, a Mac-10 style gun and several handguns in Niles’ possession at different times at Station 64.

The president of the Houston Professional Firefighters Association said Niles is innocent until proven guilty, but added that the alleged behavior could be the result of the very real stresses firefighters face every day.

“If it comes to light that something like that was done, it’s very important that we understand what drives that in this line of work,” said the union president, Bryan Sky-Eagle,

Niles bonded out of jail on a $1,500 bond. After he was arrested he was placed on paid administrative leave by Houston Fire Department pending the outcome of the investigation.

Niles faced a judge Wednesday morning. His attorney maintained his client’s innocence.

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