White Officer Wins $1.35 Million In Race Bias Suit

LONG ISLAND, NY &#8211 A Long Island cop was awarded $1.35 million after winning a racial-discrimination lawsuit against the Village of Freeport that claimed he was passed up for a promotion to police chief because he is white. A federal jury sided with Lt. Christopher Barrella’s claim that ex-Freeport Mayor Andrew Hardwick’s decision to appoint […]

‘Exodus” From San Jose PD Continues

SAN JOSE, CA &#8211 The exodus of officers from the San Jose police force continues unabated. Four more officers quit this week saying they could no longer count on the department to care for them if they got injured on the job. Under Measure B, the pension reform plan, cops who get injured and are […]

Police Union’s Former President Files Lawsuit Against City Of Burbank

BURBANK, CA &#8211 The former president of the Burbank police union filed a lawsuit against the city claiming he was fired in retaliation for disclosing illegal conduct by the department, including the use of arrest quotas and false police reports, court records show. Mark Armendariz, who joined the Burbank Police Department in 2002 and served […]

6 Cleveland Officers Indicted In Deadly Car Chase

CLEVELAND, OH &#8211 A police car chase that ended in a schoolyard with two unarmed suspects dying in a hail of 137 bullets is part of a wide-ranging federal investigation into the Cleveland Police Department’s use of deadly force and its pursuit policies. Six officers in the police department were indicted Friday on charges related […]

Baltimore County Will Pay $1.7 Million Settlement In Police Retiree Case

BALTIMORE COUNTY, MD &#8211 Baltimore County will pay at least $1.6 million in a dispute with the police union over health insurance overpayments, county officials said Wednesday, ending a lengthy legal standoff during which a judge at one point threatened County Executive Kevin Kamenetz with jail time for failing to follow court orders. The payment […]

Reno Firefighters Sue To Block Layoffs

RENO, NV &#8211 Reno firefighters who will be laid off on July 1 have sued the city of Reno, arguing the layoffs are in breach of their collective bargaining agreement and put the citizens at risk. The lawsuit filed today seeks a preliminary injunction against the layoffs. “The city’s conduct violates both the spirit and […]