Police Face Severe Shortage of Recruits

With the number of applicants down more than 90 percent in some cities, police departments may soon be posting more signs that say “Help Wanted” instead of “Most Wanted.” From the nation’s largest police force in New York City to tiny departments with only five officers, far fewer people are looking to join the force […]

Peace Officers Group Rejects Final Contract Offer From County Officials

VENTURA, Calif. – Leaders of the Ventura County Professional Peace Officers’ Association have rejected a final labor contract offer from county officials. Don Douglass, president of the association, said the proposal failed to recognize the new risks and responsibilities of officers in light of state prison realignment. After the passage of state prison reform, the […]

South Point, Ohio Police Grounded From Facebook By Mayor

SOUTH POINT, OH &#8211 In the midst of a string of property crimes in the village of South Point, Ohio, the mayor has grounded his police department from Facebook. Nellie Brewster, 73, of South Point, wishes the police department’s Facebook page was still in use, because she would like to see if any tips have […]

First Thursday, July 2014

In this month’s First Thursday podcast, Will discusses the impact of three major Supreme Court decisions dealing with ‘Fair Share’, cell phone searches and Garcetti. Download the podcast (Use this link to listen on Apple devices) Subscribe to this podcast via RSS or iTunes Subscribe to this podcast by email