Policy Banning San Francisco Firefighters From Wearing Helmet Cameras Under Review

SAN FRANCISCO &#8211 Ever since footage emerged from a San Francisco firefighters’ helmet of a truck running over a Asiana Airlines crash victim in July 2013, firefighters on the department have been banned from wearing the cameras.

Now that policy is under review by the city attorney and could change to allow trained and authorized firefighters to wear cameras, but comes along with some strict rules for recording events.

Current policy bans the use of recording devices including smartphones while on duty, but in the past, helmet cameras were useful for training.

With the changes, firefighters wouldn’t be allowed to share on social media and video would likely not be shared with the public.

“In the right environment, if there’s a company officer designated to operate the device under certain parameters [and] we could use it as a training tool, I’m all for it,” said Danny Gracia, vice president of the San Francisco Firefighters Union Local 798.

“With that said, it can also be used against us. We don’t want someone to say, ‘I watched your video. Why did you do that?’” Gracia added.

It’s not clear when the policy may change, but it’s expected to be discussed at this month’s Fire commission meeting.


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