$45 Million Back Paycheck In The Mail To Chicago Firefighters

CHICAGO, IL &#8211 Retroactive paychecks with a $45 million pricetag for Chicago taxpayers were mailed Friday to 4,645 firefighters and paramedics—12 days earlier than required under their newly-ratified contract. The age-old promise that, “The check is in mail,” literally came true, more than two years after the old contract expired. Back pay was due in […]

Denver Police Alcohol-Abuse Program Aims To Build Resilient Officers

DENVER, CO &#8211 After a rash of officer arrests involving alcohol, the Denver Police Department has rolled out a new program designed to help officers deal with addictions and stress — problems that, if ignored, can derail a career. Six Denver cops were arrested on alcohol-related charges during the first half of this year, prompting […]