Union Loses Request For TRO To Stop Investigation Of President

Christopher Burgos is a New Jersey state trooper and the elected president of the State Troopers Fraternal Association of New Jersey, the union representing all New Jersey state troopers below the rank of sergeant. As president, Burgos represents the union during labor negotiations and supports union members facing internal discipline, regularly acting as a liaison […]

In Absence Of Binding Promise, No Protection For Post-Retirement Insurance

In December 1974, the Douglas County, Nebraska Board of Commissioners passed a resolution which allowed employees of the County who retired between the ages of 55 and 65 to participate in the County’s health insurance plan until attaining age 65. The resolution did not specify the amount of premiums to be charged annually or promise […]

Firefighter’s Basketball Injury Covered By Workers’ Comp

Tom Campbell is a firefighter with the Taylorville, Illinois Fire Department. Working a 24-hour shift, Campbell was generally free after 4:30 p.m. to do anything he desired providing that he remained on the premises. Campbell’s fire station had a fitness center containing free weights and treadmills. The Department neither mandated nor prohibited recreational athletic activities […]

Toledo Not Allowed To Unilaterally Modify Contract Provisions

The Toledo Police Command Officers’ Association represents supervisors in the Toledo, Ohio Police Department. In early 2009, the Association and the City began negotiating for a new contract. One of the issues under discussion was the amount of money the City would contribute to the officers’ pensions and health insurance premiums. Section 65 of the […]

Not Unreasonable For FOP To Deny Legal Coverage

Gerald Ferreyra is a United States Park Police Officer in Washington, D.C. In the early morning hours of May 29, 2009, while off duty, Ferreyra was arrested for assaulting a taxi cab driver. The incident started when a taxi driver was sitting inside his cab at a red light at an intersection. Ferreyra approached the […]

California Courts Continue Hard Line On Officer Dishonesty

Law enforcement recruits are often told that the one disciplinary offense that will not be tolerated is dishonesty. “You lie, you die” is a common parlance in many police academies. In practice, the rule has become less and less clear-cut. Many courts, arbitrators and civil service boards tend to see gradations of untruthfulness. To be […]

No Constitutional Ban On Raising Pension Contributions For Firefighters

Since 1939, the City of Gadsden, Alabama has provided its firefighters with a pension program as part of their compensation. Firefighters initially belonged to a local program, the Policemen’s and Firemen’s Retirement Fund (PFRF). In 2002, concerns about the PFRF’s solvency led Gadsden to negotiate a new arrangement with these employees: the City, it was […]

‘Cantankerous’ Officer Loses ADA Claims

Matthew Weaving, who worked for the Hillsboro Police Department in Oregon, was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder when he was a child. During the job application process, Weaving disclosed what he described as the “intermittent interpersonal communication issues” he experienced in a prior job as a police officer at the Beaverton Police Department. The […]

Legally Separated Spouse Entitled To Insurance Benefits

Gregory Malisos retired in 2008 after a 24-year career as a police officer with the Town of Windham, New Hampshire. When he retired, Malisos continued his and his wife’s health insurance coverage through the Town’s participation in the Local Government Center’s Health Trust insurance plan. As part of his retirement, Malisos’s “spouse” was entitled to […]

Proximity In Time Does Not Necessarily Mean Retaliation

Patricia Karaffa was formerly employed as a police dispatcher by Montgomery Township, Pennsylvania. On February 1, 2011, she took approved FMLA leave for the birth of her daughter and later for the care of her newly-born daughter. Just prior to her return to work in April 2011, Karaffa was informed that she was assigned to […]

No Second Try For Employer In Drug Case

Michael La Porta is a corrections lieutenant for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. When La Porta tested positive for methamphetamine on a drug test, he appealed the termination decision. At a hearings board, the Department told the administrative law judge it needed a continuance because its one witness, a doctor who would have […]