Former Cleveland Police Union President Retakes Job

CLEVELAND, OH – Former police union head Steve Loomis will have his old job back.

Officers on Saturday elected the notoriously outspoken Loomis over Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association President Jeffrey Follmer, who narrowly took the presidency from Loomis in 2011.

With about 850 officers casting ballots, Loomis garnered nearly 500 votes, Follmer said Monday.

“It’s disappointing,” Follmer said. “I feel the union took a big step backward. I hope [Loomis] can live up to what he promised.”

Loomis said as CPPA president he would mend broken relationships.

“There was a communication breakdown between the CPPA and community groups, other unions, politicians and the mayor’s office,” Loomis said. “It’s in everyone’s best interested that we reestablish those lines of communication. We have been in the dark for a while.”

Follmer served as first vice president before he was elected to the top job.

Follmer will remain CPPA president until Jan. 1. The former vice officer isn’t sure what his next assignment will be.


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