First Thursday, December 2014

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”9272″] Covered in this month’s podcast: The implications of a very important shift work study Are personal Cell phone records public documents Social media policy and discipline Wall Street Journal Article on using arbitration in police discipline Boston PD hair tests ruled invalid, Read decision Florida Court finds that mediation should be open […]

Police Associations Meet With Rams Over Players’ Demonstration

The five St. Louis Rams football players who held their arms up in the “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture first seen on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, have set off a firestorm of controversy. The move, which took place at the start of Sunday night’s game against the Oakland Raiders, drew a sharp rebuke from […]

Omaha Police Union Wins Lawsuit; Contract Rolls Over For One Year

OMAHA, NE – The Omaha police union contract is automatically extended through 2014 with no changes, a judge ruled last week. Douglas County District Judge Joseph Troia ruled that the City of Omaha failed to give appropriate notice that it intended to begin bargaining for 2014. The judge’s ruling settles a lawsuit brought by the […]

Providence Firefighter Investigated For Protest ‘Gesture’

PROVIDENCE, RI – A Providence firefighter is the focus of an internal investigation into a gesture he made during a flag-burning protest in front of the Providence Public Safety Complex, Target 12 has learned. Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare said the video shows the on-duty firefighter raising his fist in apparent approval of the flag-burning […]

Anchorage, Alaska Police Union Recycling Campaign Signs Into Little Libraries

ANCHORAGE, AK – In police officer Barry Hetlet’s garage-turned-workshop Friday, sawdust and pieces of wood rested near a stack of black, yellow and red campaign signs. Left over from this month’s election, the “No on 1 — Repeal 37” signs were a ubiquitous sight in Anchorage during the successful union-backed effort to repeal a major […]