More Asbestos Found In Police Building

STAMFORD, CT – Asbestos tests paid for by the police union membership have led to the evacuation of the first-floor offices of the Narcotics and Organized Crime Unit inside police headquarters. The tests performed earlier this month found asbestos fibers in each of the five locations tested in different parts of the building, according to […]

Sheriff’s Union Sues To Stop Body-Camera Use

The union representing Riverside County sheriff’s deputies has asked a judge to prevent the county from requiring deputies to use body-mounted video cameras, asserting that officials failed to negotiate the use of the new equipment. Some Riverside County deputies have tested the cameras voluntarily. Based on those results, the Sheriff’s Department requested and received approval […]

Police Say Waze Cop-Tracker Is Threat To Officers

Sheriffs are campaigning to pressure Google Inc. to turn off a feature on its Waze traffic software that warns drivers when police are nearby. They say one of the technology industry’s most popular mobile apps could put officers’ lives in danger from would-be police killers who can find where their targets are parked. Waze, which […]

More Towns Turning To Part-Time Police

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, NJ &# 150; Municipalities continue to use part-time officers as an affordable way to add manpower to their police departments, but critics point to safety concerns of officers and say this cannot be the future of policing in New Jersey. The trend of hiring Class II police officers has gained momentum over the […]

LAPD Officer Wins FLSA Retaliation Lawsuit

Leonard Avila was a police officer for the City of Los Angeles. In January 2008, Avila testified under subpoena in a Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) suit against the City of Los Angeles in the Central District of California brought by a fellow officer who sought overtime for working through his lunch hour. Avila testified […]

Court Overturns Arbitrator’s Decision In Termination Case

Kankakee County, Illinois and the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Labor Council are parties to a collective bargaining agreement covering the County’s corrections officers. When the County terminated Corrections Officer Nicholas Brais, the FOP challenged the termination in arbitration. The case stemmed from an incident on September 22, 2010, when members of the County’s Major […]

Officer’s Lie Not Big Enough For Termination

Maintaining the public’s trust is as synonymous with law enforcement as the slogan “to protect and serve.” A sustained allegation of untruthfulness has long been regarded a career killer for police officers. Recent years have seen a significant impact from Brady v. Maryland, the U.S. Supreme Court case that requires prosecutors to disclose exculpatory evidence […]

Kentucky’s LEO Bill of Rights Applies to Internally Generated Complaints

In the 34 years that the State of Kentucky has had a Police Officer’s Bill of Rights statute providing due process for officers under internal investigation, the Kentucky Supreme Court had never considered the issue of whether the Bill of Rights applied exclusively to the investigation of complaints made by citizens as opposed to those […]

Firefighters Win Injunction To Preserve Collective Bargaining, Temporarily

Courts have long held that collective bargaining is not a constitutionally-protected right. Public sector unions are granted the right to negotiate the terms and conditions of employment either by state statute or, in states without a bargaining law, by local charter or ordinance. As was seen in Wisconsin and Ohio in the last few years, […]

Firefighter Wins Back-Pay Award Against Employer And Union

Donald Berg was a Lieutenant with the Long Ridge, Connecticut Fire Company until his termination in 2008. After he was terminated, Berg filed unfair labor practice charges with the State Board of Labor Relations against the Fire Company and the Stamford Career Firefighters Association, his labor organization. Berg alleged that the Fire Company terminated him […]

Boilerplate No-Contact Order To Employee Illegal

There has been little litigation in the public sector about the circumstances under which an employer can issue a “no-contact” order to an employee under investigation, prohibiting the employee from discussing the matter with others. To be sure, the National Labor Relations Board has addressed the issue in the private sector, holding that “to justify […]

Heart Disability Presumed To Be Job-Related

For most of his 17-year career as a Westchester County, New York Department of Corrections officer, Kenneth Park worked in what a court described as “an old jail building that was poorly ventilated and contained an abundance of mold, mildew and other contaminants.” When Park was diagnosed with serious respiratory and heart conditions, he filed […]

No Hearing Required Under Bill Of Rights For Transfer Without Economic Harm

One of the rights afforded public safety officers under California’s Public Safety Procedural Bill of Rights is an administrative appeal of any punitive action or denial of promotion on grounds other than merit. The Bill of Rights defines “punitive action” as “any action that may lead to dismissal, demotion, suspension, reduction in salary, written reprimand, […]