Tennessee Asst. Chief Posts Resignation On Facebook

LA VERGNE, TN – The assistant police chief of La Vergne announced his resignation through a lengthy post on his Facebook page.

La Vergne Assistant Police Chief Keith Lowery handed in his gun and his badge after only a year and a day on the job.

“He’s a man of implacable character and integrity,” La Vergne Police Chief Mike Walker said.

Lowery posted the message on his Facebook page on Wednesday, saying in part, “There comes a time when all good men have to choose their integrity, honor and dignity over blindly following in something in which they truly question their beliefs.”

Lowery told Channel 4 by phone there was a meeting with Mayor Dennis Waldron where police personnel were discussing employee-related issues about an ongoing investigation.

Lowery said the mayor brought up and compared the situation to what’s known as the Green Mile in Metro Nashville, where officers under investigation sit in the lobby of the police department and do nothing.

Lowery said that did not sit well with him. He said he called it quits rather than have the mayor question the integrity, honor and ethics of his investigators.

“I remember something said about the Green Mile, but like I say, something that was said in the conference should be kept, like the assistant chief said, confidential,” Waldron said.

Lowery’s official resignation letter states, “The course that the city now seems set upon is one that directly causes great concern in my good conscience and will prevent others and myself from executing and performing our duties responsibly and respectfully.”

Lowery posted a letter to Facebook informing friends he no longer worked for the city.

“I haven’t seen his resignation letter yet,” Waldron said. “I was informed today that he turned it in. It saddens me that he turned his resignation letter in. He’s been a great asset to La Vergne.”

Walker said Lowery’s resignation is a blow to the department.

“I think it is a big loss, simply from the standpoint, the fact that we can’t replace him,” Walker said. “There are not as many people that have the capability that he has.”

Lowery said this is one of the most difficult decisions he has ever had to make in his career. He said he feels like he’s abandoned the hard-working men and women of the department, but added staying was not an option.

Lowery said he has already been approached about another opportunity in law enforcement.

After receiving Lowery’s resignation, Walker said he wrote in response that he would be recommended for rehiring if he ever applied again.

From WSMV.com

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