L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. Restricts Deputies’ Use Of In-Car Devices

The temptation is always there — the smartphone on the passenger seat beside you buzzing and pinging with the urgency of your life’s problems when you should have your eyes on the road. Even if you resist, there are drivers around you who have succumbed to the screen’s siren song. The guy in front of […]

FDNY Union Vows To Fight Public Release Of Pension Records

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Following a court ruling ordering the New York City Fire Pension Fund to release the names and pension amounts of retirees, the Uniformed Fire Officers Association is vowing to continue efforts to keep the records from being made public. The recent state Supreme Court ruling requires the New York City Fire […]

Debate Continues Over Use Of Private Police Officers In Cincinnati

CINCINNATI, OH – The debate continues over the use of private police officers in the city of Cincinnati. A lot of times you’ll see a private police officer as you walk to your car after shopping at a strip mall. They’re there to protect you. Now the question is will City Council be there to […]

Compulsory Police Retirement Age In Fort Wayne Raised To 70

FORT WAYNE, IN – Fort Wayne Police Department officers will now be required to retire from the force by the end of the calendar year after they reach 70 years of age. The City Council on Tuesday amended and passed an ordinance updating the police department’s compulsory retirement age. A 1982 city ordinance – passed […]