A Thought On San Jose’s Situation

There were two articles yesterday on the San Jose Police Department. One spoke more narrowly to the City’s flagging efforts to recruit more women as police officers. The other spoke more broadly about the Department’s retention and recruiting woes. It’s hard to overstate how bad things in the recruitment and retention department. Thanks to pay […]

Rule stops Denver police from shooting at cars unless driver fires

DENVER, CO – Denver police said Tuesday they have changed use of force guidelines following deadly encounters between officers and drivers, saying police can no longer fire on moving vehicles unless the driver is shooting at officers or civilians. “We want the first reaction to be get out of the way versus pull your firearm,” […]

Chicago Police Union Says It Will Fight Order Banning Visible Tattoos, Baseball-Style Caps

CHICAGO, IL – The Chicago Police Department has quietly made changes to its uniform policy, requiring that on-duty officers cover up any tattoos and banning them from wearing baseball caps. The department’s largest union, which represents rank-and-file officers, quickly voiced its opposition, saying the department should have first negotiated the changes before making any announcement. […]

Ohio’s Economy Making Union Negotiations Easier Than Ever

Ohio’s economic and political climate has made it tougher for local government unions to barter for the job benefits once considered standard in their employment contracts. Both unions and government managers agree: negotiating employee contracts is easier than it’s ever been. That’s because as the recession lingered and governments faced dwindling tax revenues, many local […]

Firehouse Condemned, Firefighters Forced To Relocate

YONKERS, NY – Firefighters in Yonkers have had to relocate because their firehouse has been condemned and shut down. As CBS2’s Matt Kozar reported, the once bright red doors at the downtown Yonkers firehouse are peeling and some windows are boarded up. Firefighters knew fixes needed to be made, but say they had no idea […]