City Ordered To Reinstate Union President With Back Pay

Katherine Homelius is a corporal for the City of Groveland, Florida Police Department, and is assigned as a detective. Prior to coming to work for the City in 2011, Homelius had worked as a police officer for 13 years in Clermont, a neighboring city, including four and a half years as a detective. The Department […]

No Right For Non-Members To Vote On Contract

Three members of Local 1583 of AFSCME circulated a decertification petition in an effort to have a vote on the removal of Local 1583 as the representative for their bargaining unit. Local 1583 then brought charges against the employees under AFSCME’s constitution, which authorizes charges when a union member engages in “any activity which assists […]

Gratuitous Comments Not Enough For Pregnancy Discrimination Claim

Patricia Rosati has spent most of her career in the 8th Police District in the City of Philadelphia since becoming a police officer in 1996. Sgt. Michael Colello was the administrative sergeant in the 8th District from early 2008 through mid-2012. As Rosati recited the facts, from 2005 through 2014, Rosati took multiple leaves of […]

Political Patronage OK In North Carolina Sheriff’s Office

Terri Young was a deputy sheriff employed by Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. In June 2009, Sheriff Daniel Bailey sent a letter to approximately 1,350 of his employees, announcing his candidacy for reelection and stating that he would appreciate campaign contributions. Young did not contribute to Bailey’s reelection campaign or volunteer for his campaign. Bailey was […]

FMLA Claim Can Be Based On Inadequate Disciplinary Investigation

Robert Festerman was a police officer in the Wayne County, Michigan jail. Due to understaffing, involuntary overtime was a common occurrence, and deputies like Festerman did not have the right to refuse overtime assignments. If an officer refused a mandatory overtime assignment or failed to report for such assignment, that officer’s supervisor would issue a […]

‘Repayment Of Training Costs’ Contract May Be Invalid

The Los Angeles Police Department requires that all newly hired police officers attend and graduate from the Los Angeles Police Academy. In the early 1990s, the City realized that many officers who graduated from the academy were leaving within a few years to join other law enforcement agencies. The City sought to find a way […]

Union Can Assume City’s Negotiators Have Authority

The City of Springfield, Illinois and the Patrolmen’s Benevolent and Protective Association are parties to a collective bargaining agreement. The contract has long contained a “purging” clause requiring the expunction from personnel files after five years of all letters of suspension. In 2013, the City and the Association entered into a Memorandum of Understanding modifying […]