Over 24 Police And Firefighter Jobs Cut In East St. Louis

EAST ST. LOUIS, IL – More than two dozen firefighter and police jobs are being cut in East St. Louis. The announcement was made official at East St. Louis City Hall Thursday night.
The city’s revenue is down and costs are rising. Almost one third of all firefighters in East St. Louis will lose their jobs and about 15 percent of the firefighters will be laid off September 19th.

What was expected became reality: 17 firefighters and 8 cops will be let go.

A member of the firefighter’s union board fears citizens and fire crews won’t be as safe. Firefighter Pat Jackson said, “You definitely be worried as the work force were at a shortage right now on the job and this will make the job a lot harder for the guys who will still be here.”

Police Chief Michael Hubbard believe fewer cops will not make the streets more dangerous, “Yes it will be more of challenge we’re going to go down in number from 32 patrolman to 28 patrolmen we’re going to go down as far as investigative staff I’m just going to find innovative ways to prove my resources to meet that challenge.”

The cuts will save the city more than $1.8 million dollars a year.

From Fox2now.com

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