Judge : Chicago Officers Must Cover Up Tattoos

CHICAGO, IL – A Chicago police officer’s tattoo is a form of personal expression that might be misinterpreted by the public, a federal judge said, tossing out the legal complaint of three officers who argued they shouldn’t have to cover up their ink while on the job. U.S. District Court Judge Charles P. Kocoras chose […]

Little Rock To Pay $36,000+ For More Air-Conditioning Vents On Police SUVs

Little Rock will pay $36,624 to install additional air-conditioning vents in 14 newly purchased police vehicles after officials said not enough air was circulating to the back seat of the sport utility vehicles. The need for more air, officials said, was discovered after safety partitions, dividers made of a combination of wire, plexiglass and metal […]

Detroit Fire Fighters Being Investigated From Possible Fraud Involving Overtime Pay

DETROIT, MI – 7 Action News has learned some firefighters working at Detroit Public Safety Headquarters are being investigated for possible fraud involving overtime pay. Sources say the investigation involves about a dozen firefighters who were pulled from fire houses to work with the administration at the downtown offices. For several months, the firefighters were […]