Detroit Fire Fighters Being Investigated From Possible Fraud Involving Overtime Pay

DETROIT, MI – 7 Action News has learned some firefighters working at Detroit Public Safety Headquarters are being investigated for possible fraud involving overtime pay.

Sources say the investigation involves about a dozen firefighters who were pulled from fire houses to work with the administration at the downtown offices.

For several months, the firefighters were being paid as much as 50 hours of overtime per pay period, which is bi-monthly.

City officials have not explained the reason behind the additional hours added to the time sheets, or who approved the overtime hours.

President of the firefighter’s union, Jeff Pegg, also declined to comment.

The City of Detroit released the following statement:

We were made aware of this issue about three weeks ago and immediately began conducting an audit. We have met with the Fire Department and reinforced the policy of reporting time worked as the actual time that an employee is performing their job duties. We expect we will be complete with the audit in the next couple of weeks. The results of the audit will determine what, if any, further action will be needed.


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