Fire Union Calls On Delray Beach To Close Fire House Because Of Health Concerns

DELRAY BEACH, FL – The president of the Palm Beach County firefighter’s union calling for big changes in Delray Beach. He says the city needs to shut down fire station 3 and rebuild it because it is causing health problems for the firefighters and paramedics stationed there. This comes two days after city leaders decided […]

Low Salary Major Cause Of Turnover At Oneida County Jail

ONEIDA COUNTY, NY – Oneida County’s correction officers don’t stick around long. The turnover rate has been around 10 percent a year for the past three years. It costs the county hundreds of thousands of dollars to fill gaps and train new people, and makes it a less safe place to work. The reason? Salaries. […]

New Orleans Refuses To Pay Court Costs Of Some Officers Accused In Civil Suits

NEW ORLEANS, LA – Some local attorneys say the city of New Orleans is turning its back on the men and woman who protect and serve. WDSU Investigates has learned City Hall is refusing to defend some current and former police officers facing what’s being called frivolous civil litigation, meaning many on the force have […]