First Thursday, November 2015

In this month’s First Thursday podcast, Will reviews an important Brady decision out of Texas and cases involving Weingarten, Garrity, police officer bill of rights, presumptive causation and protected speech.

  • Major Brady Case From Texas, Brown v. Nero, 2015 WL 5666172 (Tex. App. 2015)
  • Questioning About Use Of Force Incident Triggers Weingarten Rights, New York State Correctional Officers, 48 PERB ¶ 4546 (NY PERB ALJ 2015)
  • How The Two-Part Test For Garrity Applies To Field Interviews, People v. Grabowski, 16 NYS 3d 434 (NY Sup. 2015)
  • Presumption That Prostate Cancer Caused By Job Rebutted By Employer, Haskins v. Kern County Employees’ Retirement Association, 2015 WL 5682424 (Cal. App. 2015)
  • Bill Of Rights Does Not Apply To Independent DA Investigation, Lopez v. City of Scotts Valley, 2015 WL 5692369 (Cal. App. 2015)
  • Complaint About Chief’s Affairs Not Protected Speech, Young v. Township of Irvington, 2015 WL 6123228 (3rd Cir. 2015)