Positive Stories About Public Safety Unions

Every day, we use a number of “news trawlers” at LRIS, looking for stories about public safety labor issues. Those “trawlers” bring us hundreds of news articles from the web sites of papers, television stations, and radio stations across the country. We try to keep our posts about these articles purely labor-related, but every once in a while we’ll see something that’s not strictly a labor issue that we’d like to highlight.

And so it is with these stories about good things being done around the Christmas holidays by public safety unions. These are only a few of the stories we ran across; a complete list would number over 100.

But here’s the thing. Public safety unions do this sort of thing every day of the year. What they don’t do well is draw public attention to what they’re doing. While there’s a natural inclination to avoid deliberately seeking positive publicity, in today’s environment doing so must simply be part of every union’s repertoire. So, on January 14, or March 3, or whenever, when a union is making a contribution to the Heart Association, or sponsoring a youth basketball team, or running a food drive, or aiding a family in need, let the media know. It’s important.


Firefighters Spread Holiday Cheer To Children In Need

Police Union Scraps Christmas Party To Provide Holiday Cheer To Others

Firefighters Help Family Recover

Police Help Out Local Food Pantry

Officers Give Back During Holiday Season

Cops Play Santa’s Elves To Help Children In Need

Deputies Help Bring Christmas Cheer To Area Children

Holiday Giving Helps Connect Cops To Community


Police Union Hands Out Gifts To Children

Police Union Aids Senior After Money Taken At Mall

Firefighters And Harness Drivers Unite To Deliver Christmas Joy

Firefighters Union Brings Holiday Fun And Toys

Firefighters Help Family Recover