Deputies’ Union Suing County Over Personal Patrol Vehicle Punishment

KERN COUNTY, CA – The union that represents Kern County sheriff’s deputies is suing the county to compel it to accept an arbitrator’s decision awarding damages to 12 deputies the union alleges were wrongly deprived of their personal patrol vehicles for driving too fast. Attorneys for Kern Law Enforcement Association say in the Dec. 22 […]

Lawsuit Has Police Rethinking Use Of Stun Guns

PERRY TOWNSHIP, OH – The use of a stun gun that left a man brain-damaged five years ago also left a scar on the Perry Township Police Department. “I think it took a toll,” said township Trustee Chet Chaney. “Our officers and residents are very close. This is something that he (Officer Shawn Bean) felt, […]

Sheriff Says Washington County Law Enforcement Jobs Hard To Fill

MACHIAS, ME – The 2016 Washington County budget includes an additional officer for the sheriff’s department. Filling that position, however, will likely be a challenge, according to the sheriff. “Not a lot of people have the interest [in law enforcement] they used to have,” Sheriff Barry Curtis said Wednesday. Police officers simply move from one […]

Poughkeepsie Police Chief Frustrated Over Contract Delay

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY – City police officers have begun their fifth year without a cost of living increase added to their salaries. Approval of a police contract between the Police Benevolent Association and the City of Poughkeepsie was put on hold in December for the fourth consecutive year. “It’s frustrating,” Police Chief Ronald Knapp said about […]

Nebraska Supreme Court Ends Fight Between Police Union And City Of Omaha

OMAHA, NE – he Nebraska Supreme Court ends a fight between Omaha’s police union and city government, filing its conclusion on the last day of 2015. The city’s appeal sought to overturn Judge Joseph Troia’s ruling — that the collective bargaining agreement for police had rolled over into a new year. Lawyers for the city […]