Bill To Move Louisville Officers To 12-Hour Shifts Advances

FRANKFORT, KY – An effort to move Louisville police officers to 12-hour shifts gained momentum Wednesday after the Louisville Metro chief of police testified in Frankfort. House Bill 149 was unanimously passed out of committee. If passed, it will clear the way for a reorganization at the Louisville Metro Police Department that some believe will […]

Police Union Goes On Attack After Lapd Chief

LOS ANGELES, CA – The union representing Los Angeles Police Department officers lashed out at Chief Charlie Beck today, linking his policies to a surge in crime and calling for hearings at City Hall on his anti-crime strategies. The Los Angeles Police Protective League asked that the City Council’s Public Safety Committee “immediately hold public […]

Dallas Police To Offer Cops Training Instead Of Minor Discipline

DALLAS, TX – Dallas cops, just like the people they arrest, don’t want a record. Officers with disciplinary infractions could lose out on desirable jobs and promotions, or get transferred to worse duties. Now, the department will offer cops a chance at wiping one minor violation off their record every two years. Some of the […]

Holyoke Budget Problems Surge With Fire Department Miscalculation

HOLYOKE, MA – The City Council Tuesday voted to order a hiring freeze that will have limited reach given the mayor’s jurisdiction over hiring, but other, potentially large cost issues featuring a Fire Department miscue could pound the city. Because of a miscalculation in the number of firefighter salaries and the expiration of a grant […]

Gay Cop Elected Head Of D.C. Police Union

WASHINGTON, DC – Sgt. Matthew Mahl, a gay 11-year veteran at the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department and a former supervisor of the department’s LGBT Liaison Unit, won election on Jan. 12 as head of the police union. Mahl’s election by a 2-to-1 margin as chairman of the Labor Committee of the Fraternal Order of Police […]