First Thursday, January 2016

In this month’s podcast, Will discusses the reasons why police and fire personnel have lower health care utilization than civilian employees. He also covers the following cases.

  • Boston PD Rank-Ordered Promotions Held Discriminatory, Smith v. City of Boston, 2015 WL 7194554 (D. Mass. 2015)
  • ‘Disrespectful Speech’ May Be Protected By Labor Laws, Borough of Carteret, 42 NJPER ¶ 66 (NJ PERC 2015)
  • Court Rejects ‘Passive Inhalation’ Argument, Bennett v. McCarthy, 2015 IL App (1st) 143291-U (Ill. App. 2015)
  • Mentioning Probationary Status Triggers Weingarten Rights, New York State Correctional Officers and PBA, 48 PERB ¶ 4602 (NY PERB ALJ 2015)
  • Not All Untruthfulness Should Lead To Termination, Wetherington v. North Carolina Department of Public Safety, 2015 WL 9257697 (NC 2015)