Nebraska Supreme Court Ends Fight Between Police Union And City Of Omaha

OMAHA, NE – he Nebraska Supreme Court ends a fight between Omaha’s police union and city government, filing its conclusion on the last day of 2015.

The city’s appeal sought to overturn Judge Joseph Troia’s ruling — that the collective bargaining agreement for police had rolled over into a new year.

Lawyers for the city argued the police union “was deceptive” in its negotiations — never informing the city in writing it intended to let the collective bargaining agreement ending December 2013 to roll over into 2014.

“We reject this argument,” the Supreme Court wrote, saying the city never provided clear proof that the union gave up any of its rights under the contract, including the right to have the contract continue into later years.

The union and city were arguing whether notice was required after certain deadlines in the contract passed.

It wasn’t just the city that appealed, however. The union appealed the district court’s decision too, hoping to get attorney’s fees paid by the city.

The supreme court denied that appeal by the union, saying while the city failed to meet its burden on appeal, its conduct wasn’t “frivolous or in bad faith,” which are requirements for awarding attorney’s fees.