Police Lieutenants Form Union To Retain Third-Party Review Of Firings

COLUMBIA, MO – At the direction of the city, Columbia police lieutenants last year formed an organization separate from the Columbia Police Officers’ Association to represent them in meet-and-confer sessions with municipal officials. Lieutenants Jason Jones, Krista Shouse-Jones, Geoff Jones, Eric Hughes and Scott Young incorporated the organization, the Columbia Police Lieutenants’ Association, as a […]

Firefighter Association Claims Fire Chief Misused Taxpayer Money To Buy Faulty Fire Trucks

AUGUSTA, GA – An Augusta Firefighter’s union says Fire Chief Christopher James misused taxpayer money. Last week, the Augusta Professional Firefighter’s Association sent a letter to the City of Augusta Administrator and Serving Commissioners. That letter lays out how they say Augusta Fire Chief Christopher James used the money to buy new fire trucks without […]

Fire Union Files Complaint Over Hair Policy Dispute

ELGIN, IL – The Elgin firefighters’ union filed a labor complaint against the city after three of its members were told to cut their hair, which they had been growing to protest their 25-month lack of contract. International Association of Firefighters Local 439 President Vince Rychtanek said he, Vice President Edward Hanson and Shop Steward […]