Firefighter Suspended For Facebook Post Denouncing Narcan

WEYMOUTH, MA – A Weymouth firefighter has been suspended for 90 days without pay for a Facebook post that denounced the use of the overdose-reversing drug Narcan.

The Facebook post—which has since been deleted but was captured by multiple Twitter and Facebook users—described Narcan as “the worst drug ever created.” It also called users of the drugs “losers.”

“The comments posted do not reflect the philosophy or values we hold as a fire department or town,” Weymouth Fire Chief Keith Stark said in a statement Monday.

In a press conference Monday afternoon, Weymouth Mayor Robert Hedlund announced the firefighter had been suspended 90 days without pay and will be reassigned to dispatch following the suspension, per Fox 25 reporter Heather Hegedus.

According to Hegedus, the firefighter will also undergo mandatory sensitivity and social media training through the town’s health insurance provider.

In a statement Monday, James Young, president of the local Weymouth firefighters union, called the comments “disappointing.”


Young said that the fire department “led the way” to bring Narcan to the Weymouth in 2013, making it the fifth town in Massachusetts to carry the drug.

“We know Narcan can be the difference between life and death in someone who has overdosed,” he said.


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