First Thursday, February 2016

Will discusses three important news stories and three recent cases. LRIS would also like to introduce our Q&A hotline where podcast listeners can submit questions directly to Will. To leave a voice mail, call 503-836-5255. In addition to your question, please let Will know the state where you’re employed and whether you work in a collective bargaining environment.

  • The Department of Labor’s new overtime rules.
  • The latest on Friedichs case and the future of “Fair Share”
  • The possible effects of PERF’s 30guidingprinciples report
  • No ‘Special Rights’ To Light Duty For Pregnant Employees, McQuiston v. City of Clinton, No. 14-0413 (Iowa 2015)
  • Chicago Police Win The BlackBerry Battle, Lose The War, Allen v. City of Chicago, 2015 WL 8493996 (N.D. Ill. 2015)
  • Court Overturns Arbitrator’s Award Eliminating Pittsburgh Residency Requirement, City of Pittsburgh v. Fraternal Order of Police, 2016 WL 72742 (Penn. Cmwlth. 2016)