FDNY Underreporting Response Times, Union Says

NEW YORK, NY – The city’s firefighter’s union blasted the FDNY Monday for underreporting emergency response times in their public data reports. The Uniformed Firefighters Association’s white paper, “FDNY @150: Busier than Ever” found that the number of emergency responses shot up about 12% from 519,798 in 2014 to 581,981 last year. The FDNY’s required […]

US Top Court Rejects Union Challenge To New Jersey Pension Reforms

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected a bid by unions representing public employees including teachers and state troopers to force the state of New Jersey to pay the full share of its annual public pension contribution. The court declined to hear the unions’ appeal, leaving in place a July 2015 ruling by the New […]

Firefighters Sue District Over Alleged Overtime Miscalculations

Nearly four dozen current and former Southern Marin firefighters have filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming they were shorted of full overtime compensation. The firefighters allege the Southern Marin Fire Protection District violated the Fair Labor Standards Act by understating the regular pay rate upon which overtime is calculated. They are seeking back pay, […]

Fire Union Commits ULP By Failing To Give Negotiators Authority

The Tri-State Fire Protection District, Located in Illinois, is party to a collective bargaining agreement with Local 3165 of the IAFF. During the contract that ended in May 2012, insurance had been a major issue of contention for Local 3165 members. At the first bargaining session for a new contract, Local 3165 suggested that the […]

‘Bitch’ Comments Do Not Establish Hostile Work Environment

One area of employment law that has dramatically changed is that of sexual harassment. Owing largely to a series of Supreme Court decisions, what once might be easily accepted as sexually harassing conduct now no longer supports a lawsuit. And so it was with the case of Barbara Davis, a police officer with the Southeastern […]

Union Stipend Included In Pension Calculations

Bruce Edwards, Joseph Sarkis, and Joseph Kovel were all Pennsylvania state troopers and members of the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association. In 2008, an arbitration decision produced a new union leave clause in the Association’s contract with the State. The clause reads: “Upon written request by PSTA, Union officers shall be released from duty. Union officers […]

Court Upholds Arbitrator’s Decision On Police Subcontracting

Cleveland State University(CSU) and the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) are parties to a collective bargaining agreement. The Contract provides for the utilization of FOP members to provide police services within the jurisdiction of the University. The contract specifically states that CSU will not contract out bargaining unit work except under special circumstances, such as […]

Firefighter Promotional Grievance Held Arbitrable

The City of Lockport, New York and the Lockport Professional Firefighters Association are parties to a collective bargaining agreement that defines a grievance as including “all claimed violations of any contract existing between the City and the employees covered by” the CBA. After the City’s Civil Service Commission created a new Municipal Training Officer position […]

Court Upholds Arbitrator’s Opinion In Deadly Force Case

On January 29, 2010, while on duty, Portland Police Officer Ron Frashour shot and killed Aaron Campbell, who was unarmed. The incident began as a welfare check. Police had received a call that Campbell, who possessed a gun and was distraught over the recent death of his brother, might be in a certain apartment, might […]

Off-Duty Social Media Policy Mandatory For Bargaining

The Newark Police Superior Officers’ Association represents sergeants, lieutenants and captains in the Newark, New Jersey Police Department. In May 2015, the Department issued a new social media policy. The policy, which the Department described as containing “sensible guidelines,” regulated on- and off-duty social media use. The policy cautioned that “negative references to official duties […]

Akron Fire Promotional Case Slogs On

You know it’s probably going to be messy when a federal appeals court starts off its opinion by commenting that “the parties have been litigating this case with remarkable vigor and venom since 2008. After two trials and multiple appeals, the parties remain unwilling to settle their differences.” “This case” is a multi-faceted challenge to […]

Chicago Police Win The BlackBerry Battle, Lose The War

A group of 51 Chicago police officers, sergeants and lieutenants sued the City under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), claiming they were improperly denied compensation for the off-duty time they spent with their department-issued BlackBerry devices. After years of pre-trial skirmishing, a five-day non-jury trial was held in August 2015. Months later, the federal […]