Portsmouth Firefighter Suspended After Speaking With Media About Staff Shortages

PORTSMOUTH, VA – A firefighter was recently suspended, according to union sources, for talking to the media about staff shortages. Nathan Clark, a member of International Association of Firefighters Local 539 and a City Council candidate, wouldn’t name the firefighter or say when or how long the suspension was. But it appears that firefighter is […]

Private Information Of South Florida Police Officers Compromised By Website

DORAL, FL – The private information of thousands of South Florida police officers may have been compromised due to one website. Due to the cyber-breach, police unions that represent police officers around South Florida have scrambled to protect the information of police officers, prosecutors, and specially protected county employees. John Rivera, the President of the […]

Assistant Fire Chief Quits One Week After Theft Charge

CLEARWATER, FL — Fire & Rescue Assistant Chief Ron Gemsheim resigned Monday, one week after he was charged in the theft of a 5-hour Energy drink from a 7-Eleven while on duty. Gemsheim had been with the department for 10 years and had been assistant chief of health and safety since 2012, according to spokesman […]

Firefighter Turnover Affects Taxpayers, Firehouses

SOUTH CAROLINA – When you call 911, how much do you know about the first responders that race to your door. In a 7 News Investigation Brianna Smith found out that the continuous turnover in firehouses is not only draining your tax dollars, but it could also affect the quality of the response when you […]