Albuquerque Fire Station Victim Of Repeated Auto Burglaries

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – An Albuquerque fire station has become easy pickings for thieves but that might change soon.

Thieves burglarized then tried to steal a firefighter’s truck at this station. That station has had such a problem with vehicle burglaries that the firefighter’s union has decided to buy surveillance cameras to catch the thieves in the act.

That station, one of the older ones in town, does not have any secure parking, leaving firefighters to park in the alley.

There have also been a number of thefts at other fire stations over the years. In November a firefighter had his vehicle at station 3 burglarized. A few years ago a firefighter’s truck was stolen from station 7 after the thieves broke into the station and stole his keys. The department has upgraded building security since then.

The mayor’s office tells us this is on their radar and they are working to find a solution.


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