Private Information Of South Florida Police Officers Compromised By Website

DORAL, FL – The private information of thousands of South Florida police officers may have been compromised due to one website.

Due to the cyber-breach, police unions that represent police officers around South Florida have scrambled to protect the information of police officers, prosecutors, and specially protected county employees. John Rivera, the President of the Police Benevolent Association of Miami-Dade, said, “The only information that we got, that was alarming to us, is that the computers were hacked and that very sensitive information was released.”

According to an official memo from the Homeland Security Bureau of Southeast Florida, Miami-Dade started investigating a cyber-security breach on Feb. 26. The union that represents Miami-Dade Police officers alerted their members, Wednesday.

Rivera’s biggest concern was that Miami-Dade did not notify their employees. “The moment we found out, we were more alarmed that the county had not notified their members,” he said.

The website allows anyone with an Internet connection to search for the names and personal information of 1,121 Miami-Dade, 2,385 Broward, 4,114 Palm Beach employees. “Police officers, just by the nature of their work, is a very dangerous job,” Rivera said. “If somebody wants to retaliate on police officers and their families, which has happened many times, then they can be in jeopardy.”

The man who runs the website said that he does not condemn hacking, but he also does not condone it either. It is unclear if or when this hack will be fixed.

The Miami-Dade County Police department is investigating the matter.


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