Supreme Court Strengthens Free-Speech Rights Of Public Employees

Just in time for the election season, the Supreme Court has strengthened the rights of the nation’s 22 million public employees to protect them against being demoted or fired for supporting the wrong political candidate in the eyes of their supervisors. “The Constitution prohibits a government employer from discharging or demoting an employee because the […]

For Police, a Playbook for Conflicts Involving Mental Illness

PORTLAND, OR – The 911 caller had reported a man with a samurai sword, lunging at people on the waterfront. It was evening, and when the police arrived, they saw the man pacing the beach and called to him. He responded by throwing a rock at the embankment where they stood. They shouted to him […]

Lesbian Ex-Firefighter Awarded $806,000 In Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

A former Rhode Island firefighter who claimed that colleagues discriminated against her because of her sexual orientation and gender was awarded more than $800,000 in federal court Monday. Lori Franchina filed a civil-rights lawsuit four years ago in the U.S. District Court of Rhode Island against the City of Providence and the local firefighters’ union. […]