Cleveland Firefighters Happy To Get Bulletproof Vests Ahead Of RNC, But Say There Aren’t Enough

CLEVELAND, OH – There are only two more weeks until the Republican National Convention, and firefighters in the city just recently learned they will get bulletproof vests in time.

They requested the vests more than a year ago.

Firefighters Local 93 President Tim Corcoran said the department received 100 vests Thursday.

While grateful for the vests, Corcoran said the number falls short of the 150 firefighters on duty 24/7 and is well below the 250 firefighters that will work during the convention. He said the vests have yet to be deployed, and firefighters have not been trained or given a deployment plan.

Corcoran said firefighters are often the first on scene and are responding to an increasing number of violent incidents.

“The biggest issue is we’ve been trying to get vests for close to 18 months and don’t feel the fire administration has been as responsive as we would expect. It doesn’t seem like a priority,” Corcoran said.

A few months ago, Cleveland’s ambulance crews started wearing bulletproof vests at all times.

From Fox 8 Cleveland

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