Court Affirms $5.2M Bias Verdict For Black Michigan Troopers

DETROIT – The Michigan appeals court has upheld a $5.2 million verdict for two black state troopers who said they were rejected for promotion because of their race. Darzeil Hall and Lamarr Johnson each passed special training to become firearms examiners, but they weren’t promoted within the forensic science division and returned to their previous […]

Wisconsin Police Find It Hard To Find New Recruits

Police departments across Wisconsin have seen assaults on police officers rise and the total number of sworn in officers and even applicants for officers positions fall over the last decade. The Wisconsin Professional Police Association, a policing interest group, has heard of hardships in recruiting across the state. WPPA Executive Director Jim Palmer said there […]

Raleigh Firefighters To Put Up Billboards Over Low Pay

RALEIGH, NC – Raleigh firefighters upset over low pay and the lack of pay raises plan on taking their protest to billboards and city bus advertisements. Raleigh Firefighters United, a group of more than 400 city firefighters, is raising money to put up at least four billboards around downtown and the beltline. The billboards expected […]