Former Leader Of Spokane Police Union Suspended For 4 Weeks

SPOKANE, WA – A former president of the Spokane police union will be suspended for four weeks without pay following an internal investigation.

Police Sgt. John Gately was accused of sharing confidential information about a rape investigation involving a fellow officer.

The internal investigation was completed Feb. 10, and obtained by The Spokesman-Review newspaper after a public records request.

Police Chief Craig Meidl suspended Gately and says he was not fired because of his 30 years of experience and the culpability of police department commanders who involved Gately in the rape investigation.

Gately was tried last spring on allegations he tipped off an officer accused of raping another officer at a party about pending search warrants. The jury deadlocked, with a majority in favor of acquittal, and prosecutors declined to re-try the case.


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