Asbestos Found In DC Police Headquarters; Union Official Says He Got No Heads Up

WASHINGTON, DC — Our 7 On Your Side I-Team has learned asbestos has been discovered in the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police Department. It was found in Acting Police Chief Peter Newsham’s office but Officers are telling Investigative Reporter Scott Taylor they didn’t get a heads up.

The City is telling our the I-Team they told the Police Department of the asbestos that was discovered in two offices in the Daly building but the D.C. Police Union says they had no idea until Officers this week showed up for work. When Police Officers arrived at headquarters they saw a sign on the front door. It said a company was doing asbestos removal on two offices on the 5th floor. One office appears to belong to Chief Newsham and the hazardous material was found under floor tiles.

The city tells ABC7 News they informed the Police Department on March 23 but the police union says they didn’t get the memo.

Robert Underwood who is the Chairman of the Safety Committee for the D.C. Police Union says “I’ve not received anything. I’ve received probably a couple dozen emails with pictures of the front door of the building and the concerns that the Officers and civilians have at this point.”

Our Scott Taylor asked Spencer Davis who is the Deputy Director for Facilities with the D.C. Department of General Services “The Police Union told me they were not made aware of it.”

Davis says “I don’t know why that is the case because we did notify the tenants.”

Taylor adds “So when you say the tenant that would be the Police Department?”

Davis says “The MPD. Yes.”

The Police Department tells ABC7 News they don’t know if they gave the Union a heads up before the message popped up on the front door of the building. The city so far has not found any other asbestos in the building and believes it’s safe.


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