Police Union Wants Jail Time For Deputy Who Stole $90K

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, OH – Former deputy Joseph Caito III will spend time behind bars if a judge agrees with the president of a local police union where Caito stole more than $90,000.

Caito, 35, a former Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office deputy and union treasurer, pleaded guilty in December to fourth-degree felony grand theft of more than $92,000 at the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 104.

Caito is scheduled to be sentenced Friday by Montgomery County Common Pleas Court Judge Dennis Langer.

“He removed somewhere around $114,000 over the course of a couple years,” union president Darren Harvey wrote in a letter attached to the prosecutor’s sentencing memorandum. “It would be our stance that he should be sentenced to at least that term in jail.

“We were left with .47 in our accounts and were barely able to keep the utilities on so we could try to conduct business as usual. We had lost our Incorporation status and our non-profit status also.”

Court records show Caito has repaid the $92,148.21 as ordered. Caito had his K-9 reassigned within the sheriff’s office and permanently surrendered his Ohio peace officer certification.

A plea agreement had no stipulated sentence. Caito could receive probation up to five years, local jail time of up to 180 days or a prison term between six and 18 months, plus a possible fine up to $5,000.

From The Dayton Daily News

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