Orlando Police Department Limits Overtime For Officers

Orlando police officers asked for relief from hours of overtime and now they’re getting it.

Events at Camping World Stadium, The Amway Center and the Orlando Soccer games had every officer, including Orlando police Chief John Mina, picking up mandatory overtime shifts.

Theophilus Edward was alone in his truck as his co-workers got supplies at the Walmart on Princeton Street in Orlando when he heard the gun fire. He was a witness to the murder of Orlando Police Lieutenant Debra Clayton.

Some officers complained about being over worked and thousands of taxpayer dollars were spent on overtime.

Orlando police told Channel 9’s Shannon Butler Monday that after looking at staffing and the incidents during the last several months, a decision has been made to cut back.

The Fraternal Order of Police posted on its website that Orlando police have cut staff up to 50 percent at events.

However, mandatory overtime is still required on the weekends along Orange Avenue because of the bar scene.

From WFTV.com

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