LRIS Podcast

First Thursday, July 2017

In this month’s podcast:

  • Deputies Terminated For ‘Spouse-Swapping,’ Coker v. Whittington, 2017 WL 2240300 (5th Cir. 2017)
  • ‘Last Chance’ Agreements Under Civil Service Rules, Whitwer v. Civil Service Commission, 2017 WL 2491646 (Iowa 2017)
  • Florida Civilian Review Board Lacks Authority To Subpoena Officers, D’Agastino v. City of Miami, 2017 WL 2687694 (Fla. 2017)
  • Longevity/Performance Pay Need Not Be Included In California Retirement Calculations, DiCarlo v. County of Monterey, 2017 WL 2265098 (Cal. App. 2017)