LRIS Podcast

First Thursday, August 2017

This month cases:

  • Brady And The Privacy Of Personnel Records, Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs v. Superior Court, 2017 WL 2962901 (Cal. App. 2017)
  • Bill Of Rights Requires Administrative Appeal After Final Disciplinary Decision Made, Morgado v. City and County of San Francisco, 2017 WL 2791413 (Cal. App. 2017)
  • No Expectation Of Privacy During Raid Of Marijuana Dispensary, Santa Ana Police Officers Association v. City of Santa Ana, 2017 WL 2879796 (Cal. App. 2017)
  • No Due Process Requirement For Reprimands, Upchurch v. City of Orange Township, 2017 WL 2536361 (N.J. App. 2017)
  • Arbitrator’s ‘Chokehold’ Opinion Upheld, City of Boston v. Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association, 2017 WL 2960815 (Mass. 2017)