LRIS Podcast

First Thursday, September 2017

In this month’s podcast, Will discusses the the potential impact of the nominee to head Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division. He also talks about public perception of police misconduct and the role law enforcement organizations must play in the conversation.

This month’s cases are:

  • Highway Patrol’s Overbroad Policies Violate Free Speech Rights, Moonin v. Tice, 2017 WL 3598083 (9th Cir. 2017)
  • Change In Firearm ‘Loaner’ Police Negotiable, IUPA v. Sheriff of Broward County, 44 FPER ¶ 17 (Fla. PERC 2017)
  • Violation Of Union’s Bylaws Does Not Amount To ULP, Magnum v. Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #129, 44 FPER ¶ 10 (Fla. PERC Gen. Coun. 2017)
  • Bargaining Law Prevails Over Local Residency Requirement, City of Pittsburgh v. Fraternal Order of Police, 2017 WL 2229859 (Pa. 2017)