San Jose: Police Academies Top 100, A Year After Fielding Seven Recruits

SAN JOSE, CA — Police Chief Eddie Garcia isn’t the type who needs a megaphone, but he was easy to hear when he addressed San Jose’s police academy recruits this time last year — all seven of them. Monday, when Garcia made those same rounds, he made a point to ask, “Can everyone hear me?” […]

City Of Dallas To Pay Nearly $62M In Police, Fire Back Pay Settlement

DALLAS, TX — The Dallas City Council is set to settle four of the six long-running lawsuits alleging the city underpaid police and firefighters, a move that could potentially save the city billions were it to lose in court. The council is scheduled to vote on Tuesday to pay nearly $62 million to settle with […]

City Stops Paying Overtime To Cover Firefighter Sick Leave

WATERTOWN, NY — Watertown will no longer pay overtime costs in the city’s fire department that are caused by sick leave, the latest development in the bitter feud between the union and city government. City Manager Sharon Addison says Watertown paid $650,000 for the fire department’s overtime costs last year. It’s part of what she […]