Anchorage Firefighter Wins Nearly $780000 In Lawsuit Against City

ANCHORAGE, AK — The municipality of Anchorage has paid one of its firefighters more than three-quarters of a million dollars after his successful lawsuit against the fire department. It’s the second large civil award this year the municipality has paid to a public safety employee, after two police officers won $2.7 million last summer in […]

Firefighters Battle The Hidden Risk Of Cancer

For firefighters across the country, there is a growing realization that a major danger they face lies not just in the flames they battle, but in the fumes they breathe and the toxic soot they touch. “I can’t think of a fire department or firefighter who doesn’t know someone who’s gone through battling cancer or […]

Cleveland Police Union Rejects Contract, Will Be Settled In Arbitration

CLEVELAND, OH — The Cleveland police union on Monday rejected a three-year contract negotiated with the city that would have given the 1,200 rank-and-file officers raises after the first year. The city and union will now go to arbitration to determine the terms of the contract, Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association President Steve Loomis said in […]

Austin Police Union Won’t Continue Contract Negotiations

AUSTIN, TX — Leaders of Austin’s police union have informed city officials that they will not continue negotiations on their contract after the City Council rejected the agreement last Wednesday. The Austin Police Association sent a letter to interim City Manager Elaine Hart on Tuesday morning, saying members do not believe that they can reach […]