Austin Police Union Won’t Continue Contract Negotiations

AUSTIN, TX — Leaders of Austin’s police union have informed city officials that they will not continue negotiations on their contract after the City Council rejected the agreement last Wednesday.

The Austin Police Association sent a letter to interim City Manager Elaine Hart on Tuesday morning, saying members do not believe that they can reach a new agreement with the city within the remaining 30-day extensions available under the current contract, and will allow it to expire on Dec. 29.

A poll conducted by the association showed that 92 percent of its members voted to step away from negotiations.

“Effective at midnight on December 29, 2017, the contract will expire and the Austin Police Department will revert to Texas Local Government Code Chapter 143 except for those provisions that were extended via the contract for twelve months (evergreen) to allow for continuity,” the letter said. “We would request that the City maintain all pay, steps and special pays until such time as we reach a new agreement.”

The association said they are prepared to return to negotiations in 2018.

From The Austin American-Statesman

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