LRIS Podcast

First Thursday, December 2017

This month’s First Thursday podcast is a week late because the podcast producer dropped the ball (sorry). We’re offering a prize to the first listener who can identify the classic television show theme music Will uses as his ring tone.

This month’s podcast includes:

  • What the new tax bill means for public safety agencies and labor organizations.
  • Employer Must Negotiate With Union Before Recouping Overpayments, Teamsters Local 839 v. Benton County, 2017 WL 5558495 (Wash. PERC 2017)
  • Chicago PD Ordered To Bargain Over Disciplinary Matrix, Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 7, Case No. L-CA-17-034 (Ill. LRB ALJ 2017)
  • ‘Not Every Dismissal Of A Police Officer Is Punitive,’ Thomas v. Pristoop, 2017 WL 5256325 (Md. Spec. App. 2017)