No Workers’ Comp Benefits For Firefighter Injured During Fight

Jamie Benimadho is a volunteer firefighter with the Somerville Borough Fire Department (SFD) in New Jersey. On the date of his injury, Benimadho arrived at the Somerset County Emergency Services Training Academy for a scheduled test. Other volunteer firefighters, including Joseph Wise and Darin Watkins, were waiting in the parking lot. Upon arrival, Benimadho observed […]

Employer Must Bargain Over Use Of Vehicle Locator System

In 2014, Riverside County, California, debated installing an Automated Vehicle Locator (AVL) system on some or all of the vehicles used by the Riverside Sheriff’s Department. Once installed onto a vehicle, the AVL system uses GPS near real-time information about the vehicle’s course, velocity, and location. The Department asked the Riverside Sheriffs’ Association (RSA) for […]

Cross-Examination Style Not Breach Of Duty Of Fair Representation

Nancy Newfer is a corporal for Wayne County, Michigan Sheriff’s Department. On November 12, 2016, Newfer and another officer were involved in an incident at the jail. Newfer was interviewed by Internal Affairs Division employees about the incident and signed a statement. The other officer was later discharged; his conduct during the incident played at […]

Florida Civilian Review Board Lacks Authority To Subpoena Officers

The City of Miami, Florida has a Civilian Investigative Panel (CIP), which is an independent body designed to investigate and review instances of alleged police misconduct. CIP also reviews police policies and procedures, with the ultimate goal of making recommendations to the relevant law enforcement agency. A significant decision from the Florida Supreme Court addressed […]

Firefighter Staffing, Budget Distress, and a $100k Contempt Finding

The collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) and the City of East Cleveland has always required a set number of firefighter staffing assignments. In 2006, the agreement required the City to staff 14 firefighters per shift, with the full-time, IAFF firefighters subject to recall on overtime to maintain the […]

Violation of Union’s Bylaws Does Not Amount to Unfair Labor Practice

From time to time, an employee will file an unfair labor practice complaint against his or her labor organization, claiming the organization breached its duty of fair representation by not following its own bylaws. As illustrated by a recent Florida case, this type of unfair labor practice complaint is almost always unsuccessful, with labor boards […]

Change in Firearm ‘Loaner’ Policy Negotiable

The International Union of Police Associations (IUPA) represents approximately 1,300 deputies and sergeants employed by the Broward County, Florida, Sheriff’s Department. The Department requires its sworn employees to carry firearms while on duty and the Sheriff encourages them to carry backup firearms. The Department does not provide firearms to the deputies to carry while on […]

Evidence Justifies Bypassing Promotional Candidate, Barely

In October 2011, Hanover, Massachusetts Police Officer Kristin Malloch took a promotional examination for police sergeant and received a score of 86. In April 2012, when the Town needed to fill two vacancies for sergeant, she was ranked first on the list of certified eligible candidates. The other officers on the list – Timothy Kane, […]

Court Grants Inmate’s Request For In Camera Inspection Of Officer’s Personnel File

Jeremy Goodman is an inmate at California State Prison-Solano. He was involved in an incident with Correctional Officer J. Johnson. During a search, Goodman resisted Johnson. As a result of the incident, Goodman was criminally charged with battery on a non-prisoner, possession of heroin in jail, and resisting an executive officer. In his criminal case, […]

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The effects of the Tax Cut and Reform Bill. Minimum Staffing For Police Not Negotiable In Illinois, Village of Maywood, 34 PERI ¶ 77 (Ill. LRB Gen. Counsel 2017). Taser Exposure Not Essential To Job Of Detective, Lewis v. City of Union City, 2017 WL 6397619 (11th Cir. 2017). ‘Ominous Context’ Of Interview Triggers Weingarten […]