Emergency Manager Can Alter Retiree Medical Benefits

Michigan is one of a few states with an “Emergency Financial Manager” law. Under the law, known as the Local Financial Stability and Choice Act, when the finances of a Michigan municipality or public school system are in jeopardy, the governor has the ability to appoint an emergency manager. A Michigan emergency manager has sweeping […]

Bargaining Law Prevails Over Local Residency Requirement

Rank-and-file Pittsburgh police officers are represented by Lodge 1 of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). A provision in Lodge 1’s contract with the City provided that if the Pennsylvania State Legislature enacted legislation related to residency for “police officers in cities of the second class” (which includes Pittsburgh), the parties could reopen the contract […]

Atlantic City, NJ Reach Agreement Over Police Layoffs

Nine months after Atlantic City’s police union sued New Jersey state officials over forced layoffs, the two sides have reached an agreement. A new contract announced Friday reduces staffing levels in an effort to control costs in the financially distressed city. When the state seized control of Atlantic City’s administration in November 2016, the police […]

Off-Duty Officer Working In Bar Covered By Tort Claims Law

Richard Moore is a police officer employed by the City of Humble Police Department in Harris County, Texas. Moore obtained permission from the Police Department to work an extra night job for Coaches Sports Bar & Grill. Coaches is located in Harris County, outside the city limits of Humble. According to Moore, his general responsibilities […]